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Paying college athletes


❶Now for the hard part, to go to college for free, or forgo is commitment to play at Texas and go pro. For example, a typical first division college football player trains approximately

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Thru licensing and sponsorships is where the college makes a lot of its income. The school sells there logo to manufactures to make products with their logo on it and also make jerseys or t-shirts with the players name on them. Major equipment and apparel companies sponsor teams and programs. Companies give the big Division 1 programs millions, free equipment, and apparel to use. The NCAA is highly a profitable organization using strict rules and regulations to produce free labor which generates there revenue.

The rules and regulations of the NCAA also cause athletes to leave early or not go to college. To play in the NCAA the athlete must be an amateur. He was a college standout and could declare himself for the NFL draft in which he was ranked to go in the first round, or he could stay in college risking a career ending injury and never going pro but getting a degree in the process.

With what NFL teams pay a first round pick signee Stafford was looking at a huge payday by turning pro. Athletes must also worry about other rules and regulations such as ethical conduct, financial aid, employment earnings, academic standards, drugs, and other various rules Summary of NCAA. Ethical conduct includes being in good sportsmanship at all times, always being honest with the NCAA, never giving information to sport gamblers and never participating in sports betting.

One rule the NCAA really emphasizes is being student first and there are many guidelines to the academic standards rule. A basic breakdown is that you must be a full time student, and be in good academic standings according to the college you go to. All these rules are for the better well being of the athletes and help them become the best athletes they can be.

The only downfall is the quantity of the rules and little rules most players would never think of. Players are responsible for knowing all these rules which for some players is a hard task to do and it makes them leave early. Rules and regulations determine when athletes leave for the pros but so do the rules for the professional programs. Another reason the rules and regulations cause players to leave and not graduate is because they have nothing set up with the professional programs to keep kids in college.

The differences for professional sports in the recruiting process for athletes determine how the rules and regulations in the NCAA affect their choice when to go pro. For basketball and football players, because of how their professional programs are set up, usually have to play two years of college and then most of the highly rated players leave.

For hockey and baseball there are alternative routes for players to skip college. Hockey players have huge decisions in their life when turning Many of the best hockey players choose the major junior route.

They choose this because they can be paid, but mostly they can have an agent and make the process to the pros a lot easier. For baseball players many highly talented players go straight to the minors of the MLB where they can offer huge signing bonuses and make the climb up to the big show easier.

The NCAA recruiting process sets up some players to fail. For big time athletic programs the athletes get special treatments by the admissions process to get them into the school Eitzen. The athletes are usually less prepared for college and are in the bottom quarter of the freshman class.

Most guys coming into a big time division 1 school think they do not need to get a degree because they will go pro. Lastly the rules and regulations the NCAA players need to abide by have some players living under the poverty line.

In this study they found that most college athletes are living under the poverty line. It also shows that colleges are making multi millions off their athletic programs but their athletes are barley getting thru. College player are allowed to use food stamps and receive welfare. While playing at Duke they won two national championships and averaged almost a million dollars of income each year While Blankeney and his teammates were barely making ends meet the college was profiting off their work.

The rules and regulation can cause many problems for athletes but some say the rules and regulations are good for the players. There are people that argue that changing the rules is not necessary.

Most Division 1 athletes receive scholarships, which allow them to go to school for free. College athletes should be paid for participating in college sports to help them financially accommodate their expensive lifestyles, give them the money they played hard to earn, and to eliminate recruiting and under the table payments.

Playing a college sport is like a full time job, except for no financial benefits. With an intense schedule like this, they are left with no time to make a living. They are giving their heart and soul for the team, always striving to get better and succeed.

In search of independence athletes may take out student loans, putting them in a financial predicament. Paying athletes would make them less dependent on their parents and take them out of the dept from their student loans. Colleges, especially big Division 1 universities, bring in millions during football season.

But when the die heart fans purchase their ticket and walk through the stadium entrance, who are they coming to see? Are they coming to see the coach? No, they are there supporting the players who have worked so hard.

During the course of the season the colleges make millions, meanwhile the players receive nothing. Players should be reimbursed for their time spent under the bright lights of the stadium defending their school, and doing what they love.

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- Today there are over , college athletes and the National College Athletics Association (NCAA) faces a difficult decision on whether or not college athletes should .

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College athletes are some of the best athletes around the world and knowing they will get noticed they have no need to get a resume together like the students around them their resume is their ability on the court.

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College Athletes Deserve To Be Paid November 17, College Athletes Deserve To Be Paid Almost every week there is some sort of story that makes the news about a university breaking the NCAA rules. The debate is bigger than ever to start paying college athletes to play sports. Paying College Athletes MAG By John L., Destrehan, LA A new American dream of making a huge living in sports at both the collegiate and professional level is .

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