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❶Yes, the struggle to score good grades is real with this subject provided the complex reactions and even the mechanisms that steer up young minds. Check your inbox Your discount should already be there.

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Entropy measures the disorder of a system. Read this lesson to learn more about entropy! Mass spectrometry is used to experimentally determine the molecular weight of a sample by ionizing a molecule and passing it through electrical and magnetic fields.

The observer would then note how the ionized compound responds, which correlates with the molecular weight in a quantifiable way.

Read on to learn more about the intricate process of mass spectrometry! The Born-Haber cycle is a series of chemical processes that are used to calculate the lattice energy of ionic solids. Read on for a definition of lattice energy as well as examples of how the Born-Haber cycle is used to calculate lattice energy.

This page identifies different types of bonds, including covalent, polar covalent, ionic, and hydrogen. It explains how to draw compound structures by counting electrons and placing bonds accordingly.

The Octet and Duet rules are also explained here. This page details how electrons are arranged in an atom, including information about the orbitals s, p, d, and f and how to easily tell which orbital an electron is in. Electron delocalization can be really confusing! In order to understand this concept, one must learn about resonance, bonding, and aromaticity. Read on for more information about electron delocalization!

The Aufbau principle describes how electrons fill energy levels in an atom. In order to write the electron configuration of an atom, one must know how the subshells fill. Using the diagonal rule will certainly help with this process. Read on for more information about the Aufbau principle. Hybridization occurs when two atomic orbitals combine to form one hybrid orbital.

One of the more common types of hybridization is sp 3 hybridization, which is described in detail in this lesson. Read on for more detailed information on the intricacies of electron orbitals. Electrolysis occurs in electrolytic cells when an electrical current causes a nonspontaneous oxidation-reduction reaction. Read on for more information on the process of electrolysis! Voltaic cells use chemical energy to do electrical work.

A redox reaction occurs, and the electrons are forced through an electrical circuit. Read on to find out the specifics on how voltaic cells power electrical processes! The study of nuclear reactions is called radiation chemistry. A nuclear reaction involves the nucleus of an atom.

These types of processes were first discovered by Marie Curie in the late s. Read on for more details about radiation chemistry! Introduces carbon structures and interactions between molecules. Basic vocabulary and ideas are introduced concerning alcohols and hydrocarbons. Combustion of a hydrocarbon is also discussed briefly.

Alkanes and alkenes are both hydrocarbons that follow the standard nomenclature procedures. Learn whether alkanes and alkenes are saturated or unsaturated, which is more reactive, and how to name a compound by looking at its structure in this lesson.

When aromatic compounds undergo reactions with electrophiles, a substitution reaction occurs. Read on for an in-depth description of how these reactions occur! Halogenoalkanes are exciting because, compared to alkanes, they are very highly reactive when paired with nucleophiles or bases. Halogenoalkanes are also SP3 hybridized.

Read this lesson to find out more information on halogenoalkanes! This lesson also covers aldol condensation as well as the Robinson annulation reaction. Read on for more details about these chemical processes. An elimination reaction occurs when a starting product breaks down into two new products that contain all the atoms of the original reactant. There are two types: Read this lesson for more information about elimination reactions.

Nucleophilic substitution reactions occur when a nucleophile interacts with an electrophile. Read this lesson for a step by step explanation of what happens during a nucleophilic substitution reaction.

This lesson also covers nucleophilic substitution including the SN1 and SN2 mechanisms. Effects on kinetic rate, alkyl group, and more are discussed in this lesson. Because many students cannot and do not draw organic structures correctly, one of our most prominent chemistry tutors took the time to explain how to draw cyclohexane rings in great detail.

She even shows more than one way to get a perfect drawing of this ring. Read the lesson to find out how to draw these rings correctly!

Stereoisomers are a category of isomers. Learn about the different categories of isomers in this lesson, and how you will study stereoisomers in chemistry and biochemistry. Content in this section of Wyzant Lessons has been curated by tutors, as well as by Chemtutor. Wilner is happiest when he is explaining things in science pontificating , so it is natural that he has been a science teacher in high school and a teacher of chemistry at Georgia Perimeter College. Still need help after using our chemistry resources?

Use our service to find a chemistry tutor. Heuristics Before you get into the other topics, learning HOW to learn chemistry is a great place to start, and this section will help. Numbers and Math Operations What math do you need know for chemistry? This section illuminates those specific operations. Atomic Structure Need to understand how atoms are structured?

The Periodic Table Almost everyone has heard of the periodic table, but do you know how to read it? Elements Take a deep dive on every element on the periodic table. States of Matter Matter has a variety of different states, ranging from gases to solids. Compounds What are the different bonds and how do you create a compound?

Moles and Percents What are moles and why do we need them? What is it that students try to avoid learning this subject as much as possible? Chemistry is a common subject to take part in every field of work that deals with science. Be it engineering or other technical genres; chemistry plays a huge role in each.

Thus by avoiding to keep this subject in your majors, you are cutting down on a lot of career options post your college days. There is universal anxiety among students when it comes to completing their chemistry assignment.

It is one of the very subjects of science that has an everyday role to play in day to day life still is far to get a hold in with ease. We all know that chemistry is hard, but it is quite important as well, and you should crave to get an A in anyway. It is on record that the average failure rate in every semester is highest in chemistry and that is one main reason that students try to avoid this subject as much as possible.

However, avoiding is not an easy way out instead you have to survive the hardships and sail through this subject with good grades. Even a bright and potentially sound student can fail to achieve satisfactory marks in this subject, and that is when then need some expert interference to seek help. Just the sight of introductory chemistry books shake up students big time and make them seek help to gain confidence.

Yes, the struggle to score good grades is real with this subject provided the complex reactions and even the mechanisms that steer up young minds. All the hybridizations, chain structures as well as name reactions may seem terrifying to you if you try to do your assignment at the last moment. In such worst-case scenarios, take up our College chemistry homework help from myhomeworkhelp. If the complex portions of this discipline are making you fleeing your majors, then you need to consider getting college chemistry homework help.

Another great reason for avoiding chemistry is that students think that they will fail to score high marks that will help them in future. Thus instead they opt for subjects like humanities and business. Although subjects like humanities and business also have a great scope but including chemistry in your major college subjects will give a boost to your career. You just need to learn some basic formulas and practical applications of them to get the things going.

Do not worry as college chemistry homework help will lead you through the hardships with ease. The grueling heavy portions of chemistry in the form of-. The subjects are difficult to ace and the need for College chemistry homework help is on the rise among the college attendees. In that case, students need expert solutions at the earliest possible time, and we can provide that for sure.

Our experts work diligently to prepare sooner for the amount of work required to put in to achieve a career goal in science. Chemistry is no way easy, and we do agree on that.

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Chemistry - The Central Science. Chemistry is also often referred to as “the central science”. In fact, that is the title of a common college textbook: Chemistry, The Central Science. This moniker is because the field of chemistry overlaps with so many other branches of science that it is considered a central connecting point for these various .

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One basic method to get homework help in chemistry is using the search engine. Type in the chemistry question into the Google search box and, PRESTO, you get an answer from other students who, at one time, had the same question thrown at them for homework. What is the need for College chemistry homework help? The main component of chemistry that is the prime evil for students is (hold your breath) – ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. Yes, the struggle to score good grades is real with this subject provided the complex reactions and even the mechanisms that steer up young minds.