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Starting a Wedding Planning Business from Home – A Complete Guide

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❶Alternatively, you can form an alliance with other wedding planning companies in the business.

Starting a Wedding Planning Business from Home – A Complete Guide

Business Overview
Wedding Consultant Business Plan

West Midlands , England. Cheltenham , Gloucestershire , England. The business has been successfully West Yorkshire , England. Bridal Wear Shops , Wedding Services. Central Business Sales is delighted to offer to the market an award-winning, highly successful and very profitable photo and video experience business. Established in by the current owners, the business has experienced growth year on I am reluctantly selling my stylish bridal boutique.

It launched in and is already generating a profit. It is very well-located and stocks reputable, sought-after Designers. The reason for the sale is due to other work commitments Derby , Derbyshire , England. Having been established over 30 years, this much revered Bridal Retailer is synonymous with quality service and is a stockist of the most exclusive and sought after labels. The Business holds key accounts that generate a high level of Chester , Cheshire , England.

Bridal Studio located in Swindon For Sale Location This outstanding Bridal studio is located in Swindon and is very accessible with plenty of free parking.

Business information Asking Price: This well respected Bridal Swindon , Wiltshire , England. Ambience Venue Styling - Event Management Franchise Interior designers for the wedding industry, providing brides with a high quality personal styling service at an affordable cost. Restyle Your Career with a Wedding Franchise from Greater Manchester , England. A rare opportunity to buy a well established bridal boutique situated in a prime location selling dresses from sought after exclusive designers.

A change in circumstances prompts the sale of this successful bridal business of 6 years with Milton Keynes , Buckinghamshire , England. Search for a specific business. You can search for a specific business by seller reference number. Wedding Businesses For Sale Browse the listings below and refine your search to help you buy Wedding Services for sale in all locations.

Start a new search. Per page 20 40 X Send me a link to reset my password Email Address. X Thank you an email has been sent Click on the link in the email to reset your password If you did not receive the link in a couple of minutes, please check your junk folder No email?

Check your spelling and try again. East Sussex , England Search categories: Somerset , England Search categories: Bridgend , Mid Glamorgan , Wales Search categories: Asking price Price on Application. Wedding, School, Portrait and Event Photography Business The Vendors created a successful wedding, school and event photography business eleven years ago in Kent , England Search categories: Macclesfield , Cheshire , England Search categories: Sales literature is obsolete for our purposes, we use the website to explain and back up.

Seminars presentations will only be given by true experts, either John Doe himself or substitutes with proven track record, academic background, and practical business experience. They must be good speakers and good seminar leaders. We cannot afford to have anything but the best. Seminars should always be delivered with projection of presentation materials through a projector. Seminars more than three hours should always be delivered with at least one computer per every three participants, so they can follow along with the software.

We cannot afford to compromise quality with second-rate delivery. Always the best equipment, always well prepared, well rested, and well delivered. Laptop and projection are absolutely essential. In general, seminars are an additional revenue generator in businesses or organizations that have other major objectives. As a result, market trends are unclear. Has the development of software affected this market? Larger well-organized seminar businesses have not developed.

We have no indication of market growth in this pulverized and diffuse market. No statistics are available. What we do know is that there is growth potential, and plenty of potential market. The underlying need is accelerated learning. Combined with business plan software, they can move forward and reduce the fear, break the pattern of procrastination, and move ahead with their planning.

In some market niches, seminars may serve their participants as continuing education required by professional licensors. This could be true for CPAs, for example, or attorneys. In the large corporation context, there are additional market needs. Companies that market through channel partners need three things related to business plans:. The business plan seminar business is very diverse.

It ranges from the high end, colleges and universities and some consulting companies offer serious multi-day seminars in planning and strategic planning for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. The way this business is positioned, we should try to work with our main competitors, instead of compete with them.

Other competition would be business plan consultants, and in a sense all low-end business plan seminars. This business plan will provide you with an excellent overview if you are thinking of starting a business consultancy. Growth Management and Strategies GMS is an ambitious innovative new company that is attempting to turn the small business consulting business on its head.

The goal for this plan is financial: It is also a road map for the company. The document gives all present and future employees, as well as the owner a sense of purpose that may exist without the business plan, but becomes more relevant after the business plan is written, reviewed, shared, and edited by all. That is because one of the goals of GMS is to build the business one client at a time, and to serve each client as if it were the last. This is how loyalty is generated, and cultivated.

The company mission is to serve small business clients that are in need of logistical, technical, and business strategy services. All projects will be chosen based on the availability of human resources, and each individual employee will be given the respect of a contract worker, and will share in profits for each job.

Politics have no place at Growth Management and Strategies, and to limit the affects of favoritism, the company will implement and clearly communicate a performance review policy that applies to those at the bottom as well as the top of the leadership ladder. Growth Management and Strategies is a company that respects the needs and expectations of its employees and clients.

If either is compromised, adjustments will be made so that the company culture may remain intact. Growth Management and Strategies was established as a C corporation. The company was established as a result of the efforts of its owner, Bill Dawson, and his experience in leading small businesses into prolonged periods of growth and innovation.

Dawson worked for McKinsey before being hired away to Bain and Company. A Harvard graduate, Dawson spent hundreds of hours each week for nearly a year, slowly building the company to where it is now. This start-up summary table lists all the costs associated with establishing a lease, purchasing office equipment, and pulling together the other resources necessary to get the business off the ground. Furniture, LAN lines, and additional technology purchases are a must in order to properly communicate with clients, and to establish a website.

Other services included in the start-up summary are legal consulting fees, kept to a minimum thanks to resources provided by Nolo. Incorporation fees are included in the legal fees line item. The free cash flow cash balance appearing in this start-up table is high relative to other small consulting businesses of its size. The owner is preoccupied with maintaining positive cash flow, and is risk averse enough to understand that during months in which contracts are not available, the corporation must sustain itself.

With this said, planned debt leverage is low, therefore risk to the lender is relatively low as well. Growth Management and Strategies offers a variety of services to the small business client. Many of the services are customized for each client, and a bidding process is observed.

The company also offers a traditional fixed rate sheet for its services. The target customer owns a small business, and is generally dissatisfied with the revenue that the business is generating, or is dissatisfied with the daily management of their business. This may increase due to additional SBA lending programs designed to match the strengths of research and faculty grant work with the needs of the market and small businesses willing to take new products to market.

Dawson is well respected within the community, and has built a number of relationships with high profile individuals, and is a frequent contributor to the business section of the Boston Herald. The corresponding market analysis table below breaks the potential market down into tactical sub-markets.

The market is divided up by revenue in the initial analysis, although other factors are very significant.

It is important that the client business is operating at about the same level as the general economic growth rate, or is underperforming. The following are other differentiators:. These are not the only differentiators used to determine the market potential for a client, they are simply a starting point for the sales team as they reach out to this group of small businesses, owners and investors.

Strategically, a retainer helps maintain consistent cash flow, even if during some months these customers will require more services than what they have paid for that month. This issue will be addressed in the Personnel topic. The company will serve these small businesses based on a bid cycle, and needs analysis.

The third tier customers are easier to identify, and more ubiquitous than the rest. Again, the strategy is to provide these businesses with a short needs analysis, and focus on the quantity of such customers to maintain a solid revenue stream. GMS is somewhere in between. With years of guerrilla marketing experience, and a long-term plan for success, Mr. Dawson is determined to build the company each client at a time, and to focus on a sales team that outperforms all the competitors.

At this point the service business analysis will be re-evaluated from the outside in. Typically small business clients will learn about the consulting services market through word-of-mouth experience passed on through a friend or contemporary.

The most competitive players in this market tend to have some of the best sales teams in the industry, that is, people who know not only how to communicate the technical needs analysis in a non-technical way, but in addition, are able to follow through and execute on promises and provide accurate, industry specific information that is useful to the client even before the deal is made.

Price is also important, and operates on a complex tiered system that is dependant upon the effectiveness of a particular salesperson, the word-of-mouth WOM advertising already in the mind of the potential client, and the ability of the client to reform the way they think about their own business.

The demands of turning a business around, or pushing it to the limits of its potential are in direct proportion to the price of each bid. Competition in this industry leads to frustration and burnout for many people, and it takes a strong sense of purpose to push the business beyond the realm of the high-intensity, low-return client.

Are you a first time investor? You may want to get some guidance before you know your way around the These female entrepreneurs are breaking barriers, transforming industries and inspiring change on the continent.

Click here to view this full business plan Wedding Consultant Business Plan Executive Summary TLC Wedding Consultants is a full service company that provides complete consulting services for weddings, holy unions and anniversaries.

Maintain an excellent working relationships with vendors such as florists, hair salons and bridal shops. Maintain a professional image at all times. Company Summary TLC Wedding Consultants is a start-up company that provides wedding, holy union, and anniversary consulting services to brides, grooms and other family members. Services We are a full-service wedding consultant group and provide the following services: The following is the list of the major competitors with a brief description of their services: You must be logged in to post a comment Login Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Consulting Auditing and Consulting Business Plan Use this sample business plan to understand what should be included when starting a business that offers auditing and consulting. Published 9 years ago on Oct 24, There are three different major opportunities needs in the fiduciary business over the next years: Bookkeeping and other services related to the operative financial management payroll, cost-accounting, accounting for pension funds, etc.

Consulting and special mandates such as financial planning, business evaluation, merger and acquisition valuation, special audits, etc. IAS and other standards as an independent and responsible institution. Rapid growth in the complexity of business that requires rapid adaptation in the strategy and structures of companies. More litigation due to higher percentages of unsuccessful ventures. The growth of outsourced financial consulting.

All of this provides continuing opportunities for a dynamic company such as Artemide AC. Purpose — Artemide AC exists to provide complete, reliable and high quality services to SMBs, individuals, lawyers, and authorities. Services must give solutions and results! Vision — By providing innovative services, Artemide AC generates a name in Luzern and the surrounding area.

Developing visibility to generate new business leads. Relationships with clients developing loyal, respectful, and intensive contact with both clients and potential clients. Responsiveness to clients fast response time for special problems. Quality especially in reporting information. Excellence in fulfilling the promise. To provide a written guide for managing this business; a strategic framework for developing a comprehensive tactical marketing philosophy.

This plan is not intended to obtain financing, it is purely for internal improvements. The scope of this plan is to provide detailed monthly projections for the current plan year, as well as yearly summaries for the following two years. Cash flow — To generate sufficient cash flow to finance future growth and development, and to provide the resources needed to achieve the other objectives of the company and its owners.

Growth — To expand the business at a rate that is both challenging and manageable, serving the market with innovation and adaptability. The goal will be to continue the activities on a larger personal and organizational basis, still with no debt financing. Before starting his own business, Sandor Artemide acquired extensive professional experience as listed below: Services Artemide AC will be the number one company in the Luzern area for specialized and investigative services in the modern business environment.

Detailed descriptions of these points are found in the sections below. Auditing — Financial data must be checked and confirmed, we consider this normal, as a service related to auditing. Most of these services are legal audits in the sense of Swiss company law.

A Legal Audit is the most comprehensive assessment of the presentation of financial data. By contrast, a Review is generally prepared for the assurance of the management and as a minimum requirement of financial institutions for the propose of extending credit. Finally an analysis is limited on the plausibility and the ratios.

An Analysis is normally based on audited or reviewed financial statements. An essential part of all audit activities is understanding the business environment in which a company operates and to evaluate the risks of financial losses.

Consulting — Includes business planning, business evaluation, merger and acquisition, start-up planning, restructuring, and business-succession planning, etc. Investigation — Our auditing and business expertise provides us with the ability to perform analysis, specialized audits, and valuation of businesses in business disputes, fraud, or other cases of incertitude and disputes.

Individual proprietors and small fiduciary and accounting offices. The primary business of these competitors is accounting and tax compliance for individuals and companies. This offices normally employ between 1 and 5 people. These offices deal in a large spectrum on a general level, but without specialization.

These offices are often members of the STV. Medium fiduciary offices with between 6 and 25 or more employees. These offices are also dealing in a large and general spectrum. If there are several partners—with different formation and specialties—these offices are available for general financial and tax consulting.

Large auditing and consulting companies. Public companies are normally audited by these companies. Large companies are normally not interested in dealing with small and medium business.

All large companies have an international network. Banks, Assurances and other Financial Consultants are new competitors. Descriptions are provided below. The largest and most logical target markets for Artemide AC at the present are small and medium businesses. Individual persons and Investors. Small and Medium Businesses. Artemide AC will focus its marketing strategy primarily on these market segments. Consulting and special mandates. Trend 1- most important Rapid growth in complexity of business in an ever-changing market and competitive environment needs continuous and rapid adaptation in both strategy and structures of companies.

Trend 2- moderately important In the future there will be a percentage of unsuccessful ventures resulting in more litigation, which, in turn, will emphasize the need for specialized audits, investigation, restructuring, etc. Trend 3- least important Predicted continued growth in consulting because companies will be unwilling to pay fixed costs of salaries, choosing instead to treat specialized financial knowledge and needs as variable costs from external sources.

This is supported by the following points: Customers in the fiduciary business tend to be loyal, relying on the same consultant for future needs once a relationship has been established — this fact requires establishing a good and intensive personal relationship with client. The globalization of markets will increase the demands for expansion of new services related to our business. Consulting Consulting Seminars Sample Business Plan If starting a business that offers consulting seminars appeals to you then this sample business plan will provide you with all of the right information.

Click here to view this full business plan Consulting Seminars Business Plan Executive Summary Seminars is a focused seminar company that offers a powerful combination of seminars along with the software to make them useful. Seminar-oriented sales and marketing to generate people in the seats. Leveraging on sales and marketing alliances.

Repay debt from original financing by the end of the second year. Provide an income for founder-owner with income growth possibilities. Company Summary Seminars is a focused seminar company that offers a powerful combination of seminars along with the software to make them useful.

Services The founder likes public speaking, and particularly likes his hands-on seminar-and-software combinations that develop business planning by providing not just the know-how, but the tools as well, to help people in business plan better. Marketing Planning As co-authors of the book on Marketing Plans On Target we can take a group through the process with emphasis on real-world practical planning, with implementation built in. Entrepreneurship How to start your own business, business start-ups in general, managing the start-up company, the process of developing and financing a new business.

Developing a Web strategy John Doe has been involved in a very successful Web business, with complete download store, hundreds of affiliates, revenues and profits. For a broader view of competition, we look at both other seminars and other competing offerings of similar tools and know-how: Classes in local junior colleges, night school, business schools.

Low-end, often free entrepreneurial seminars. Market Analysis Summary There are several separate markets for this kind of seminar: Corporations with interest in improving the planning of groups or individuals either inside the corporation or related to the corporation.

The most obvious are the larger corporations that market through separate channel entities, such as distributors selling to dealers, manufacturers selling through dealers. Owners and managers of smaller- or intermediate-sized businesses. Individuals looking to either start their own businesses or improve their business planning skills and knowledge. They should all be companies that work with independent channel points, because these are the most likely buyers. Channel development or channel marketing is the main job area for the first push.

For small and medium businesses we need to focus on organizations that can lever our market offering: For individuals we need to lever off organizations that cater to individuals looking to start up their own businesses: Companies that market through channel partners need three things related to business plans: Business information from the channel partners about business conditions, plans, projections, and business programs.

Consistency of numbers, definitions, business models, forecasts, and analysis. Occasions suitable for regular meetings with events—such as business plan seminars—that can attract independent small businesses to attent those meetings.

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Learning the business while you're employed by someone else can be a great way to get started in the wedding industry. Of course, you can jump in with both feet and start your own business, but a lot can be said for gaining experience working as an on-site event coordinator for a reception venue or catering company.

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A wedding planning business may help couples with any and every aspect of planning for the wedding. This may include helping pick clothing for all parties, creating thematic decorations and décor, picking a wedding cake, handling photography and .

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Wedding Planning Business Facts. Here are some facts and figures about the wedding planning business you should consider: Wedding planning business startup costs. Entrepreneur estimates that a wedding planning startup can run between $2, to $9, This would include office supplies, equipment, and furniture; financial, word . Starting a Wedding Planning Business – The Marketing Plan Marketing Ideas and Strategies for a Wedding Planning Business A wedding planning business needs to market its services and advertise in order to get customers.

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This is a great time to start a small business as a wedding planner. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects event planning to increase at a much faster than average rate between now and A wedding planning business may be right for you if you're organized, driven, and creative. Develop a business plan that details your vision for your business, your target market (older brides, frugal brides), how you intend to reach them .