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Unemployed workers in their fifties are increasingly finding themselves stuck in limbo.

❶Note that Jessie Jobhunter has listed new skills in the training industry in the summary statement and she has also created a list of computer and training tool skills that she has developed. Actively seeking to attract and retain the experienced workers that are approaching retirement age or who have retired but are seeking some type of employment.

Helping Employers connect with the over-50 Talent Pool.

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Age isn't always an advantage when you're job searching, especially in a competitive job market. Hiring managers can view older workers as more expensive to hire, as having outdated experience or too much experience, or as not being current with today's technology and workplaces.

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Older Worker's Resume—50+ Resume. If you're 50 or older and looking for a job, you probably have some questions about how this whole resume process applies to you.

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Older Worker. Older workers are a growing pool of untapped resources for solving your labor shortage problems. Learn more about hiring older workers, how to attract and retain older workers, and assess your business older worker climate. Part-time jobs for older workers If you're over 50 and looking for work, part-time jobs are a great solution. Learn about the options.

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Learn about the benefits you are entitled to as an injured worker. File a disputed claim. Discover how your rights are protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).Find out how you can help fight Workers' Compensation Fraud. Silver Services for Employers Welcome Florida employers willing to list jobs for all age groups, including older workers! Employ Florida - Silver Edition has been created to address the mutual needs of Florida employers / organizations and retirement-aged Florida jobseekers.