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Brought to you by SiteJabber. We are a company registered in the United Kingdom. What you receive by choosing The Uni Tutor and when you buy accounting essay from us is: Home Buy Accounting Papers. Welcome to The Uni Tutor! Secure and Reliable Messaging System. Customized Accounting Papers That Impress. We deliver more than just a dissertation. Com 2 PU B. Com 2 Cost Accounting Time Allowed: Attempt any five questions.

All questions carry equal marks. Question 1 What are the Principles Bases of the distribution of one head expenses among the departments? Pass entries in general journal form to record the above transaction. Question 4 Production of an order consisting units requires direct materials of Rs. Question 5 A worker takes 9 hours to complete a job on daily wages and 6 hours on a scheme of payment by results.

Calculate factory cost of the product under: Limitations of standard costing variance analysis. CVP analysis and other related concepts. What is target costing and how is it applied. Restating figures by considering index numbers. High-low method to estimate and forecast. Factors to consider while forecasting past information. Interpreting ratios and recommendations. Identifying non-financial performance indicators to measure performance.

Benefits of introducing budgetary system. Advantages of top-down and bottom-up approaches of budget setting.

What is life cycle costing and its advantages. Prepared flexed budget and calculate variances. Limitations of absorption costing system and selection of bonus schemes. Advantages of balanced score card model as performance measurement tool. Log into your account. Following past papers questions analysis is for papers from December until June F1, F2 and F3 since then are assessed in multiple choice format.

Since June past exam questions are not available for the exam sittings after June This FREE practice kit is updated according to latest syllabus and questions format and serves as a large exam level question bank for preparation, practice and revision of each and every topic of the syllabus.

Download June Questions Answers Question 1: Casilda Ltd 1 a: Calculating cost variances 1 b: Reconciliation statement for budgeted and actual contribution 1 c: Interrelation between labour variances Question 2: Plaza Ltd 2 a: Limiting factor decision making 2 b: What is shadow price Question 3: Luiz Ltd 3 a: Prepare process account 3 b: Further processing decision Question 4: Marco Ltd 4 a: Computing contribution and net profit using marginal costing 4 b: Caculatimng break even point 4 c: Profits under marginal and absorption costing Question 5: Download December Questions Answers Question 1: Fairfax Ltd 1 a: Calculating sales related variances 1 b: How different sales related variances are interconnected to each other 1 c: Budgeted profit statement under absorption costing system Question 2: Point Ltd 2 a: Calculating economic order quantity 2 b: Savings by buying on bulk order discount 2 c: Examples of holding cost Question3: Limiting factor analysis Question 4: Yeomen Ltd 4 a: Prepare process accounts 4 b: Uses of service costing Question 5: Phoebe Ltd 5 a: Computing overheads absorption rate 5 b: Differentiate between allocation and apportionment of overheads.

Corcoran Ltd 1 a: Prepare process accounts 1 b: Further processing decisions 1 c: Difference between direct expenses and production overheads Question 2: Limiting factor analysis Question 3: Deadeye Ltd 3 a: Compute material price and usage variances 3 b: Reconciliation statement of actual cost of material purchase and standard material cost of actual production 3 c: To whom material price variance should be reported Question 4: Josephine Ltd 4 a: Using linear equation to predict costs 4 b: Limitations of using linear regression analysis in forecasting Question 5: Pinafore Ltd 5 a: Preparing budgeted profit statement under absorption costing system 5 b: Reconciliation of profits under absorption and marginal costing 5 c: Which one is better for decision making between absorption and marginal costing.

CVP Analysis Question 2: Partlet Ltd 2 a , b: Prepare process accounts 2 c: How scrap value of normally lost units is accounted in process accounts Question 3: JWW Ltd 3 a: Objective function under linear programming 3 b: Determine optimal solution Question 4: Prepare reconciliation statement between standard cost of actual production and actual cost considering all three elements of cost 4 b Further analysis of fixed production overhead 4 c: How and why computation of variances is different under absorption and marginal costing system Question 5: Sangazure Ltd 5 a: Compute overheads absorption rate 5 b: Computing total production cost 5 c: Saphir Ltd 1 a: Prepare process account 1 b: What are the characteristics of by-product Question 2: Murgatroyd Ltd 2 a: Reconciliation of standard cost of actual production and actual cost and variance analysis of three components of cost 2 b: Further analysis of total material cost variances 2 c: Responsibility of setting standards Question 3: Jane Plc 3 a: Computer economic order quantity 3 b: Determine order point 3 c: Describe the circumstances under which buffer stock should be considered Question 4: Archibald Ltd 4 a: Using high-low method 4 b: Budget preparation under marginal costing 4 c: Profit calculating under absorption and marginal costing Question 5: Ella Ltd 5 a: Deteriming profit maximizing selling price 5 b: Pricing strategies; skimming and penetration and differences between two.

Maybus Ltd 1 a: Reasons of abnormal gain and how is it accounted for in process accounts Question 2: Despard Ltd 2 a: Calculate contribution and profit 2 b: Computing target profit 2 c: What is semi-variable cost and how is it dealt in different cost analysis situations Question 3: Oakapple Ltd 3 a: Calculate sales price and sales volume profit analysis 3 b: Responsibility accounting and communicating variances 3 c: Determining profits under Absorption and Marginal costing systems Question 4: Calculate Economic Order Quantity 4 b: Computing total annual cost of holding and ordering stock 4 c: Examples of holding and ordering costs Question 5: Duddon Ltd 1 a , b: Process accounts 1 c: Difference between process costing and job costing Question 2: Coledale Ltd 2 a: Calculate total variances for material, labour and variable production overheads 2 b: Further analysis of labour total variance 2 c: Causes of variances Question 3: Determining selling price to maximize profit.

Ennerdale Ltd 4 a , b: Determine relevant cost of contract Question 5: Langdale Ltd 5 a: Overhead absorption rate calcualtion 5 b: Determine per unit cost of a product 5 c: Reasons why profits calculated under marginal and absorption costing are different.

Overheads apportionment 1 a: Reciprocal method for overheads reapportionment 1 b: Calculating overheads absorption rate selecting suitable basis Question 2: Break-even charts, Profit-volume charts 2 a: Sketch a break-even chart 2 b: Sketch a profit-volume chart Question 3:

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Buy Accounting Paper. Accounting papers can be incredibly time-consuming to craft, especiallly if you're writing one from scratch. Thankfully, Ultius is here to help! Our dedicated support representatives and professional, American writers are the best in the industry, and are available around the clock.5/5.

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- Cost and management accounting is an integral element in preparation of an entity’s financial reports. Cost accounting consists of various branches, including; job and process costing, absorption costing, . Feb 16,  · Accounting is a serious sphere and that is why The Uni Tutor writers create professional accounting papers for their customers. If you need a precisely structured writing with a clear thesis on a specific subject, then you no need to research further – The Uni Tutor is the perfect choice to buy an accounting paper online!Phone: (+44)

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colorado boulder essay help Buy Cost Accounting Papers my opinion essay writing dissertation drucken eth. Buy accounting paper Doing an accounting assignment is a chore that is always considered as a boring dry task as it requires various techniques, formulas, calculations and numbers. Accounting above all keeps a track of financial statements, financial transactions, profit, .