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Cry, the Beloved Country Chapter 14 Summary

“Cry, the Beloved Country" Study Guide: Biblical Allusions and Tone

❶This quote stands in direct contrast to the description of Africa at the beginning of the book. Lithebe, a Christian woman who feels that helping others is her duty.

by Alan Paton

How It All Goes Down
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“Cry, the Beloved Country

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Cry, the Beloved Country Homework Help Questions Who are Msimangu, Stephen Kumalo, and James Jarvis' foils in "Cry, the Beloved Country"? Arguably, James Jarvis and Stephen Kumalo could be considered each other's foils.

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Get an answer for 'Compare and contrast Stephen and John Kumalo.' and find homework help for other Cry, the Beloved Country questions at eNotes.

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All Help Is Free Until You Hire!Get answers to your Cry, the Beloved Country questions from professional tutors at Toggle navigation. Home > Cry, the Beloved Country > Homework edasuda.gqrk solved! Step-by-step answers English > Novel > Cry, the Beloved Country Add your thoughts about Theophilus Msimangu. Your Name Here. Cry, the Beloved Whos It For? Anyone . In “Cry, the Beloved Country," tone is an important part of reading the book. The tone is lyrical and poetic, and it changes depending on the subject at hand. When the book is telling the story of Kumalo, it often takes on a bitter tone.

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Get answers to your Cry, the Beloved Country questions from professional tutors at In light of this, the most important theme of Cry, the Beloved Country is how an environment can choke the reason and life out of an individual and lead to that person's imprisonment and death. This is true in a literal sense, as the novel demonstrates, as well as in a metaphoric sense.